Rabu, 02 Mei 2012

PI - My Perfect Internet - New timeline, effective today, May 1

WAZZUB Headquarters
7251 W Lake Mead Blvd., Suite 364 + 365, Las Vegas, NV 89128, USA

Other than those 4 employees, our team consists of more than 20 people from 7 different countries, all of them addicted/committed to turning our project into a huge success because they KNOW that this is so SPECIAL.

With all that said, our members who followed our posts and statements know that we are real and that we are here to stay despite all obstacles.

Our business model is no secret. It is simple and there are thousands of websites out there that do the same and earn a lot of money: they offer a free service and they earn money through advertising and/or affiliate programs, e.g. Facebook, Google, Yahoo, just to name a few.

The only difference is that we will share the success of our project with our pre-launch and beta-launch members.

Our project will stay free forever; We will share our success with our members exactly as we promised; And there is still nothing to buy, nothing to sell, nothing to download and there is still no job to do.

The only thing that we have to change, and we know that it hurts, is our timeline.

We are not able to compensate the month that we lost during pre-launch.

We simply need more time to prepare things like our members want us to do;

We simply need more time to finish the work on our main project;

We simply need more time to delete all the cheaters;

We simply need more time to set up payment options for members from more
than 200 different countries;

And we simply need more time to establish more partnerships with well-known
retailers and other business partners.

Therefore, we decided give you more time to build your FACTOR which gives
us more time to finish our tasks.

Here is the new timeline, effective today, May 1:

May 1 through May 21:

Extra time to build your $FACTOR (as a pre-launch member)  Signup of new
members only at signup.wazzub.info (Success Sharing Phenomenon)

May 16:

Launch of new signup and login at: http://www.perfectinter.net/

May 22 through May31:

Pre-Launch members who are qualified for payments update their profile
in members' area and upload proof of identity.

Note: we are bound by U.S. Law to make payments only to individuals
with proven identity. Our Anti-Fraud Department will delete all cheaters
from our data base. Those cheaters who try to receive money by giving
personal data will be sued in the USA and/or their country.

Financial fraud is a serious crime in all jurisdictions.

June 1 to June 14:

Evaluation of the final winners for our monthly contest (February and
March) and the main winner (Trip to Las Vegas)

After we have deleted all the cheaters, we will fix the final $FACTOR
for all qualified pre-launch members. Qualified pre-launch members
will select in the members' area how they want to get paid.

June 15:

First payday for pre-launch members.

July 15:

And every month thereafter on the 15th is payday for all pre-launch

July 31:

Beta-launch of perfectinter.net ends.

Aug 1:

Final launch

Booking of DealPOINTs to members’ accounts based on the Deal-
FACTORs of all members.

Please have in mind that our project is in beta-launch until July 31.

Down times, slow times and some services that might not be available
from time to time, can occur anytime during beta-launch as we are
improving our systems.

An old wise saying:  Understanding is the beginning of respect.

Please try to understand that we made this decision to secure the
success of the whole project…for the whole WAZZUB Family.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this new timeline may cause
for any of our members.

The potential of our business is still far above average. Even our basic
home page without customization is setting new standards.

Imagine the final version with a never-before-experienced level of
personalization and usability. Imagine your favorite news, deals,
messages, games, links and videos all on one page.

Imagine receiving free deals, coupons and cash games just for
inviting other free members.

Our final version will include our own global retail shop with incredible
deals on all products (up to 99% discount for members only) and a
skill games portal with a chance to win Real Cash Prize Money.

The Internet might seem to be a virtual world but we are here to do
“real” business. Our goal is to be successful and to make profit -
and for the first time ever, a global company is sharing their success
with their free members.

It is up to you – together with millions of other members - to take
advantage and create something that has never been done before.